• To increase possibilities of search of the necessary information for scientists;
  • To promote thematic information interchange between interested researchers and to comparison of results of researches;
  • To promote elimination of spread warps in the formation, connected with the given subjects, its history, history of outstanding scientists - opponents of "theory" of a relativity;
  • To promote preservation of the received results in the annals of history of natural sciences;
  • To acquaint researchers with additional resources in an antirelativistic direction;
  • To bring the uniting and organizing moment in the antirelativistic movement with the purpose to create an image of the constructive science of the future (without internal contradictions and protected from dictatorship of group interests).

  • Site structure:

    The Prologue of Library written by the composer, contains some sections. Theses from Section for preliminary acquaintance to subjects will help to remove widely advertised codings of the relativity theory and will give the chance to start unbiassed studying of the given subjects.

    Short historical data explode a myth about as if "the criticism of the relativity theory proceeded in the beginning of 20th century only", have not been received yet ostensibly "its incontestable acknowledgement" and will help to look at the problem in a historical context.

    The list of the people criticising the relativity theory (containing about 1500 its opponents), is far not full. It denies a myth as if "the relativity theory has been accepted with inspiration by the overwhelming majority of scientists all over the world". The given and following lists are made on a basis of open sources, basically with use of data G.O.Mueller Research Project, sites sapere aude (G.Walton), Ekkehard Friebe, etc.

    Far not the full List of some antirelativistic works contains about 4000 products criticising various aspects of the relativity theory. It denies a myth about "absence of scientific objections" against the given theory and a myth about "Antisemitic underlying reason of criticism of the relativity theory" (the number of the works containing Antisemitic statements makes less than 1 percent from total number).

    The short standard of criticism of the relativity theory will help to make representation about the main directions of criticism of the given theory, in any time without substituting fuller original works.

    The project "All Presents of the First to remember" is filled with references to works in which for the first time there appeared this or that formula, the theoretical or experimental result, physical idea or idea of experiment (provided that the reference to the given work or is unknown to the academic science, or it is ignored by it, but is thus advertised the priority of other person).

    Author's self-refutations contain the various citations of the same author contradicting each other.

    The Alphabetic catalogue and the Thematic catalogue from the Basic part of Library contain the lists of works available in electronic form ordered in appropriate way.

    Further there are Auxiliary sections of the Library. Section the Publicism contains publicistic articles on the themes connected with the relativity theory, its formation, the criticism, people connected with given subjects etc. The Composer does not bear a maintenance responsibility of separate articles. However in case of detection of statements, incorrect from the ethical point of view, such material will leave. In some cases when because of possible reprisals authors are not ready to subscribe under a material, and the composer agrees with the presented material, the composer incurs responsibility for a material placed on a site. In the same place, in subsection of Dummy of criticism and varnishers of RT it is made the list of the people declaring as about critics of the relativity theory, but actually at war with serious opponents of the RT and setting as the purpose a glossing over the truth of the relativity theory. Also this list joins people who protect the relativity theory unworthy methods, (only on the ground that they have learnt interpretations RT and have remembered relativistic algorithms). We hope that it advances the given pseudo-defenders attentively to read at least some works of opponents before to argue, without knowing even with what. Probably, the shame before own children or grandsons will help them to concern own actions (as the given section of Library will exist until relativity "theory" will cease to represent for physics even historical interest, and remains only as object to "conformism psychology") more seriously.

    Section Additional Internet resources contains references to other sites. It is obvious that the composer does not bear a maintenance responsibility of the given sites.

    A contact e-mail:

    Use and distribution of any materials of the given library only is welcomed.

    The composer will be grateful for sending in electronic form any before the works published in a printing kind containing to the critic of the relativity theory (works absent in library from the placed list of opponents RT mean first of all).

    With gratitude data are accepted for sections "All Presents of the First to remember" and "Author's self-refutations" (which it is planned to expand constantly with inclusion not only the results, attributed relativity theories, but also results from other sections of natural sciences), and also citations, pictures and jokes for publicistic subsection "Humour, pictures".

    It also is supposed to be possible (but in advance is not guaranteed) placing of completely prepared publicistic works (and also not published in printing scientific and popular scientific articles) in section the Publicism.

    An e-mail for material sending:
    The request accurately to specify a letter theme (almost everything identified as a spam, it is lost), and in the letter - the purpose of sending of the given material.



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