Relativistic collective farm "Hundred years without a crop" of A.Einstein

If the person has own opinion on a theme which considers important, and states it with deep arguments (instead of simply well-known learnt by heart stamps), it is normal. But when the coded being with megalomania applies inadequate actions or expresses incorrectly, such facts should be exposed. Though "sacred" fight are "secretly" conducted for some reason basically by informers and writers of libellous anonymous letters, frequently under different Nics for mass character, but, maybe, when some disclosed surnames will be seen by their own children and grandsons, it becomes ashamed for them?


  • Sukharev Maxim Evgenevich, 1973 of a birth, not the theorist - he was protected on lasers, works in USA in chemistry department, had only computing grants. On "scientific methods" - he will far go: he has forgotten that on a court yard not 1938 (and it all tuk-tuk-tuk): dispatches letters to a management of institutes about those who is opponent of the RŅ with the requirement not to permit independently to think and urgently to dismiss all (including Winners of the state award and Honored workers of a science of the Russian Federation). Of the same frightens others in the Internet: now he will think for all science (peer into the person of this Internet maniac).
  • Morozov Public

  • Morozov Valery Borisovich, under this Nic a pseudonym from LPI RAS disappears (His e-mail on some Sites and forums coincides with Nikolay Vasilevich Morozov's real e-mail, however the placed photos not correspond to real N.V.Morozov - from cowardly and false relativists it is possible to wait for any cardsharping, it is possible the pure duck-provocation from an e-mail or someone sits with he on one computer in building 1, a clod 302). He operates together with Sukharev and names itself "moderator" by the nature of employment. By "moderation" he is engaged on site of LPI RAS and on the Israeli site SciTecLibrary (basically, the given project - is cheap military-industrial espionage of ideas; other purpose is - putting the relativity theory, supposing to discussion only those works and those people to which can arrange obstruction, often unfounded, and without supposing before discussion of serious opponents). Absolute megalomania is present: he "moderates" only itself favourite ahead of all the others, as a result from its monologues the impression can be made about its full schizophrenia (here there is at all bifurcation or fourfold division of his person, and full smashing that he tries to make with discussed "objectionable" themes also). The most surprising when similar "electronic secretaries" delete serious argued letters during a half an hour, but letters with an obscene language from ostensibly critics he keeps (they themselves and write almost all similar nasty thing at any cost to cause negative reaction and to achieve own objective; judging by interests to pictures, placed by providers on another's free sites, it is very probable). At it in journeymen some more person from LPI RAS "earn additionally", apparently, not capable to be engaged in anything more constructive.

  • It is clear, when critics of the relativity theory are compelled to take pseudonyms, being afraid for the study or career. And when "mighty of this world" hides for Nics of that they hesitate: the surname or the affairs? When also reproach with peeping, apparently, absolutely Conscience have lost. Really they do not see a difference in two situations: 1) peeping at a keyhole, what they do with the wife on a matrimonial bed, and 2) if at a finding in the Temple (the Science or Nature Temple) you have seen, how the fanatic forces children? In last situation any fair person will try (or will have, at least, desire) to arrange to the fanatic its trimming of "the camel prickle" on the basis. In such violence over children's souls relativists are engaged also, forcing to learn the theory of a relativity of those children to whom it in a life never is useful (and such the overwhelming majority!).


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